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    Book Introduction

    6 May 2019

    My overall stimulus for writing this book is one of obedience, closely followed by something akin to a compulsion. When the Apostle Paul writes to the Corinthians about reconciliation, he says, “For Christ’s love compels us…” (2 Corinthians 5:14) It is as if God puts something in your heart that becomes a driving force in what you do. This has certainly been my experience, and it is in part a telling of my story, a journey that God has brought me on.


    The Chapter that never made it - Andrew Jackson.

    16 March 2019

    The Chapter that never made it!

    It was Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States, that started me on the journey of writing the book, “A Destiny Denied… A Dignity Restored.” And yet, bar a few lines in Chapter 1, he hardly gets a mention! In the early days of my research I certainly read a lot about him. Indeed, I wrote a whole chapter – one, in the end, that I was to leave out.

    An interesting character, though I can’t figure how anyone would want to emulate him!!

    So, here it is! Hopefully for some, it may fill in a few holes in your history!


    Our politics is stuck!

    23 June 2018

    Over Christmas and the New Year, I was reading Jim Wallis’ book “America’s Original Sin – Racism, White Privilege and the Bridge to a New America.” In the Chapter entitled, Welcoming the Stranger, my attention was drawn to two short sentences, “Our politics is stuck.” and “And stuck politics hurts people.” He could as easily have been making the observation about the political deadlock in the Northern Ireland Assembly and its decision-making process (or lack of it!), which has been stuck for the last 15 months! Most certainly people on all sides of the political spectrum are feeling the pain of it!


    Ministry Update ...

    2 June 2018

    Earlier last year I mentioned in a blog that God was stirring afresh in my spirit the issue of the Ulster Covenant. That has continued to stay with me. Indeed, if anything it has been intensifying! (see Blogs: 13th July and 22nd December on www.dignityrestored.org ) In the light of that, I am going to try and bring together in future blogs, a blend of the two key concerns God has clearly given me to focus on: the 1912/16 Covenants in Ireland and Native American reconciliation issues – both have their roots in British/Irish history!


    Christmas News Update'17

    22 December 2017

    We trust this finds you well.

    This has been a year punctuated with visits to Kilkenny and Barneveld, the Netherlands. In the former it has been to see Dad, Douglas and some of Dorothy’s relatives living in or around there. Dad celebrated his 97th birthday recently and remains in relatively good health. It has been so good to be able visit him so often over the past number of years. When we lived in Community it was either a very quick trip up and down on days off or else take a week out of our annual leave.

    The draw of Barneveld is of course Rachael, Jan and our grandchildren Lydia and the birth earlier this year of Lucas. Thankfully, with flights out of Belfast it doesn’t take much longer that driving to Kilkenny. It is unfortunately, a different sort of journey if we want to see Cheryl in Sydney, Australia and Nigel, Kyria and family in Boyne City, northern Michigan. Again, thankfully, we have seen them both this year: We were in the States in March and spent a few very cold days there and Cheryl came to Ireland during the summer when we had a great time with her in Kilkenny and out West in Killarney.


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