Over the years of ministry in Healthcare Christian Fellowship; at the Christian Renewal Centre and in more recent research regarding Native and Euro-American history, I have developed several modules of teaching. Each one can be presented as a whole or in various component parts, over a weekend, day or evening.

I believe all of them are central to the purpose of this website, and key to our understanding of how God wants to use us to be healers in our nations.

Heal our Nation Prayer School.

  1. Prayer – a heart relationship with God
  2. My sheep hear my voice – learning to know His voice
  3. I saw Satan fall – foundational teaching regarding our battle against Satan
  4. Embracing God’s heart for your community and country

Your Kingdom Come.

This is primarily a study on the person of Nehemiah – his heart, prayer life and vision for Jerusalem. It is specifically applied to the need for the church in a local community to develop a Kingdom of God approach to its ministry, as opposed to each church or ministry working on its own and for itself. The two do not have to be in tension with each other!

God’s Covenantal relationship with man.

I was very clearly led by God into doing an extensive study into what the Bible taught about Covenant. To my shame – and I now know I speak of most Christian I have talked to about it – I was never taught anything systematic on this vital subject. God’s whole dealings with mankind is built on this wonderful truth! I also became aware that Satan hates the dynamic of covenant. As a result he seeks to distort it, often with devastating consequences – be it, the Church, Israel or marriage.

The weapons of our warfare

Using such passages as 2 Corinthian 4:4 and 10:3-5 and Philippians 4:6 & 7. I look at the nature of what Paul describes as a ‘stronghold’, the importance of the mind and to realize that strongholds can also be good!

The River of God.

This follows the theme of the River of God’s Spirit, as it appears in the scriptures. Very exciting, faith building stuff!

The Doctrine of Discovery

This is an exploration of the little-known Doctrine of Discovery (DOD). It is one of the earliest examples of international law. It encapsulates a gradually developing and evolving process over many centuries, which became the accepted legal principle being applied by the Catholic Church to “Christian” European nations as they related to each other regarding the control of trade, exploration, and colonization of non-European countries. It was also used to justify the domination of non-Christian peoples. Following the Reformation, England used it in the North American colonies and further afield in Australia and New Zealand as the British Empire grew.

Following on from the writing of “A Destiny Denied, A Dignity Restored,” I have developed a series of talks on the Doctrine of Discovery as outlined in Chapters 3-5 in the book:

  1. Laying the foundations. Its historic development within the Roman Catholic Church in Europe and its relationship with the Empire building nations of Europe.
  2. Moving West. The commencement of the British Empire building era and the protestantization of the Doctrine of Discovery.
  3. In North America. How the Doctrine was outworked in the early colonization of North America – laying the foundations for all dealings with the Native Americans as we pushed west in pursuit of our Manifest Destiny.
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