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2 June 2018

Earlier last year I mentioned in a blog that God was stirring afresh in my spirit the issue of the Ulster Covenant. That has continued to stay with me. Indeed, if anything it has been intensifying! (see Blogs: 13th July and 22nd December on ) In the light of that, I am going to try and bring together in future blogs, a blend of the two key concerns God has clearly given me to focus on: the 1912/16 Covenants in Ireland and Native American reconciliation issues – both have their roots in British/Irish history!

Since my last blog I have also finished writing (bar the odd tweak) my book “A Destiny Denied, a Dignity Restored.” Publishing is the next big hurdle! There are so many Publishing Houses in the United States which often have their own particular theological slant. I have also found that they do not want you to make submissions with other Publishers at the same time. So, having just made a submission with one, I have to wait for 8-10 weeks before I know if I have been successful. That is a long wait before the process may have to repeat itself! Do pray with me for divine favor regarding this!

As I began to look afresh at the Covenants of 1912 (and 1916) I clearly saw highlighted many incredible parallels in 17th and 18th century colonial America and Ireland. I suppose this should not have been surprising: The English crown and the Anglican church were embedded into both; they also felt the extremes of Puritanism through genocide (e.g. Dundalk and Fort Mystic); The Plantation of Ulster by Scottish Presbyterians was soon followed by a series of mass exoduses by them to Philadelphia and into the Ohio Valley region – both with devasting consequences for the native populations. The legacies sadly live on for all concerned – the colonizer and the colonized!!

Regarding the ongoing political impasse at Stormont:
Over the last number of years research and writing I have often asked myself, “What is going on in the heavenly realms regarding a particular unresolved event?” “What footholds, strongholds in our cultures have we given Satan as a result it? Regarding the church instigated Ulster Covenant – is there not a more dominant role that the Church at a leadership and an individual level needs to be playing? I believe there is! There is certainly much that still needs to be owned and repented over!” Perhaps a new prayer initiative is needed!”

I continue to grapple with that last sentence! Something I will look further into in my next posting.

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